Azure Prophecy

Session 1

The Azure Amulet

The party find themselves in the presence of a large red dragon, named Arkadios, without any of their memories regarding their own identities or how they came to be there.

The dragon mentions some trade that has been completed, and gives the party an amulet inlaid with a blue gem. He then instructed the party to leave quickly, before he changed his mind.

The party, now struggling to remember who they were, and why they would trade their memories for such a trinket, make their way through the caves past the occasional mimic or giant spider that tried to eat them, before emerging outside after what felt like days underground.

There they met a young man named Demitrios sitting by a small boat near the waterline, who immediately recognised them and, apparently oblivious at Chamric’s attempts at trying to subtly get information out of him about their identities, he prepared the boat and allowed them to sail back to San Marina.


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