The Azure Prophecy

This is a campaign put together for the TKMR gaming group, using an original setting created by Dran known as the Azure Isles.

Starting the adventure…

The bards tell stories of the ancient Azurites who founded a glorious empire spanning the sea that would later take their name, but stories are all that remain. Their vast stone cities now scatter the archipelago as ancient and forgotten ruins, fittingly reclaimed by the nature which they, for centuries, had been master to. The people of this once great empire now nowhere to be found, taking their ships and great wealth with them into the great unknown.

And so, when the closing chapter came,
did the bells ring out in triumph,
announcing in the end of an era,
spanning six glorious centuries,
or did you pass into obscuratia – the great unknown
beyond the seas?
- Excerpt from “The Ballad of Az’al Rutheria II”

You find yourself in a dark, dimly lit cavern. The walls of the cave, smoothed by centuries of wear and erosion, stand several metres apart. Before you is a great mound of treasure – gold and silver, jewels and gems, each one dimly flickering in your torchlight as you look around at your fellow adventurers, trying to remember who you are and how you got here.

“Excellent,” a loud rumble seems to speak, “this shall do nicely.”

Looking atop the mound of gold, you realise that you are in fact stood in the shadow of a great dragon which looks down upon you hungrily.

“Fear not, mortals, I shan’t go back on my word to you,” comes the rumble again, as it scoops up a single amulet from the pile, and tosses it down on the ground towards you.

When you pick it up to inspect it, you find it to be a rather intricately designed piece of jewellery, with a twisting band and a tidal engraving surrounding a pleasingly blue gemstone in the centre.

“Now, the trade is complete,” the dragon smiles, “and there shall be no trade-backs. Now you should leave this place.”

Azure Prophecy

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