Azure Prophecy

Session 2


The party, making their way back to San Marina in a tiny boat, chance across a drifting raft cresting over the horizon and decide to investigate further. Onboard they find two unconscious bodies, a man and a woman. After transferring them onto the now-incredibly-cramped boat, and waking them up, the party learns that they are known as Matrim and Jordan respectively, and that – while they don’t appear to suffer from amnesia – they have no idea where they are or how they got there.

Chamric, the Cleric, is reluctant to involve them at first, and makes a point of keeping the amulet a secret, but eventually after arriving in San Marina, one slip of the tongue and Matrim and Jordan getting increasingly suspicious about his question-dodging forces him to reveal the existence of the amulet, and the fact that retrieving it cost them their memories.

It’s here that Demitrios, the boatman, recognizes it as an Azurite artefact, and recommends the party speak to an old scholar named Agrippa, who studies and cares for some Azurite ruins in the mountains overlooking the town.

After spending the night with Demitrios, and marching for much of the following day along the river with flows down from the mountains, they finally arrive at the ruins, where they find Agrippa asleep in the setting sun. They wake him and begin to question him about the Azure dagger and (one again, after many cryptic questions from Chamric) eventually the Azure Amulet.

He informs them that the artefacts are ancient, and in surprising condition considering their age. He also tells the party much about the history and disappearance of the Azure Empire, although the disappearance is shrouded in mystery even to the wisest scholars in the Azure Sea.

After having talked with Agrippa for a little while, the party felt the ground shake for a moment, they weren’t sure as to what might have caused that or what it even could be. But before the party knew, Agrippa was running away screaming “It’s coming”. The party looked at each other and had not a clue as to what Agrippa was going on about, but not long after that, the party was eye to eye with an enormous ogre.

The party knew that they could not run, and to ensure their own survival, they decided to take the beast head on. Each having their own abilities and skills went into the fight knowing they could rely on each other. Belros (Known as Dragondude, Jarr or Xarr in the party) figured out himself to be the main tank and so he set foot into the deep to protect his fellow friends and that of the town below them. Chamric the cleric (Known as Balric in the party) was well known in the arts of healing and so was ready for the worst. Jordan has her trusted bow right by her side and ready for action. Matrim a fighter by heart, a protector, but mainly ready to slit his swords through anything that is evil. And then there is Sinbad (Known to the party as nobody relevant) a weird little fella, the party is never too sure as what to think about this guy… But he was there to help fight the massive ogre.

The battle with the ogre.
As the party was debating what would be the easiest and fastest way of slaying the creature, it was decided that it would turn into a waiting game, and let the ogre cross the little river that was separating the party from the ogre. So from the start everybody, other than Chamric and Sinbad, went on the long range tactic, we had Matrim using one of his javelins and threw it right at the ogre, a fine hit it was, right after the hit the ogre screams out an extremely loud roar. While that was happening Sinbad who had no long range artillery wasn’t too sure as to what he could do, since the party decided to wait for the creature to come over the tiny river, so Sinbad decided on his own to just run a little bit to the side in the hope that he could do something to the ogre on a later time. For Jordan herself all this was just too easy as she was a ranged user, so she naturally lanced an arrow right in to the ogre without a problem at all. Belros the protector of the group (or so he believes he is) decided for himself there was only one thing to do, step forward to stand in front of everybody to tank this enormous ogre, but waiting wasn’t enough for him, so also figured throwing something to hurt him before it reached the party was an extra bonus. So Belros threw his sword into the ground, and readied himself with one of his own javelins and threw that with such amazing strength and precision right in to the left eye of the ogre. It was one hell of an epic moment, but also it would turn out to be one of the worst in Belros’s own life. The fight continued and with the ogre being in pain from the javelins and arrows it took; it finally decided to move through the river and went over to the party’s side. Belros being in front ready to take any blows to his shield was then not so pleasantly surprised, as the ogre was so mad of rage at Belros for throwing that javelin in his eye, that no matter what happened the ogre would focus on Belros alone, and so it happened. The ogre with great force smashed his club, his massive club (which was more like a tree – or so Belros believed later on) right into Belros, which Belros was struck down with, with one blow, hanging on a thread to stay alive. The party was shocked as it took only one blow from the ogre to bring down a well trained paladin. Chamric who did not hesitate for a second to cast one of his extremely powerful healing abilities on Belros just to keep him alive and the rest of the party went full out to fight of this monstrous evil creature. Sinbad trying to run around the ogre to fight him in the back, Matrim fighting him head on to try and take agro away from Belros, Jordan shooting as much arrows as she could, and Chamric trying to keep Belros alive with all his might. The ogre however was not through with Belros yet, as Belros was just about to get back onto his feet after getting multiple heals from Chamric, Belros was once again put into acquaintance with the massive club from the ogre, being struck down once again. This continued for a while as finally Jordan was able to shoot the monster down with a few more arrows. The party sighed out a relief, but there was still one problem… Belros was still down. So Chamric did all he could to get him back up his feet which luckily worked out fine but it took a toll on everybody. The battle was finally over and the party then went back to Agrippa to hopefully get more information, unfortunately for Belros, he did not even remember what just happened to him, as he had a massive headache and pain over his whole body, but survived, as did everyone else.

After the fight with the Ogre, which Agrippa tells the party almost never venture so far down from the mountains, Agrippa decides to join the party in the hopes of learning more about the Amulet which he believes once belonged to Az’al Rutheria II.


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