Belros Phalarax

Dragonborn Paladin - suffers from Amnesia


Has three retainers who were sent out on some unspecified errand whilst Belros investigated Drakkenhall Island. The resulting amnesia means he has forgotten who they are and that he even had retainers to begin with – they still know who he is, however.

Known in the party with the following names; Dragondude, Xarr, Jarr


Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Belros became a Paladin, setting out to venture across the land and seas, searching for people in need.

Belros is the son of the noble family Phalarax who are known in the dragonlands as great lords and Paladins. However, Belros wasn’t too bright, and so was sent out as an adventurer in order to help the weak and assist the needy, hopefully learning a thing or two along the way.

Belros is a nice guy, and doesn’t hurt anyone without necessity. He is also somewhat clumsy.

His goal and motivations aren’t so much his own, but his father’s. His goal is to become the greatest Paladin that a Paladin could hope to be, earn his place in the history books, and spread the name Phalarax as one of the greatest families around. Belros himself already believes himself to be one of the greatest Paladins, but his father knows better, which was the reason he was sent out on adventures in the first place.

And so his story begins…

The beginning of the adventure:
One day Belros woke up inside a cave with a few other people that he did not know, or even recognize, when they all woke up they were standing in front of a massive brown dragon, which gave them an amulet, which later became to be an Azurite amulet. None of the people in the cave remember a thing, their name, what they were doing there, nothing. So going out, wondering who they were, they met a fisherman named Dimitrios, who apparently brought them to Drakkenhall Island in the first place. Belros and his fellow party members as they decide to stick together for now to figure out what is going on went on a boat with Dimitrios to a small town called San Marina, where underway there they came in contact with a small raft, They noticed 2 people on that raft and Belros together with Balric saved those people. Jordan an female ranger and Matrim a human fighter. Who also did not remember how they got there on that raft. Decided to follow us to find out more…

A few days later Belros and the party decided to find out more about the artifact that the Dragon gave them. They were told to meet someone by the name of Agrippa a scholar, and so they did. Agrippa by the way is now a member of the party as well as he himself is quite interested in our findings and willing to help us find out more about that happened to us and the artifacts that we have.

A week later Belros and the party traveled to a city called Argos, where apparently not long after Belros and the party came to land, Belros was noticed by a person on the street, while Belros has/had no idea himself that he was talking to him, as Belros couldn’t remember who he was himself. After having a few word with the man, who then introduced himself as Leontios, mentioned a few very interesting facts about Belros, apparently Belros was in Argos before alone, and killed 2 men and burned down a bar… Belros didn’t remember anything of this at all, it apparently all happened about 6 months ago…

What has happened, why did Belros kill 2 men and burned down a bar? Belros himself is extremely confused with this information and does not know what to believe any more at the moment.

Belros Phalarax

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