Azure Prophecy

Session 3


The party awake in the morning, having spent the night camping by the old ruins, ready to make their way back to San Marina.

It also occurs to the party that they should search their traveling packs to see if they were carrying anything from before their amnesia that might clue them into who they are or why the amulet was so important to them. And so, after rummaging through their packs, they discover a hidden piece of parchment with a message, written in an unknown script, and a seal bearing the emblem of a crow on a field of blue.

Azure_Crows.png After discussing with Agrippa, they learn that the text is written in the ancient Azurite language, except that the words themselves don’t make any sense. They also learn that the emblem is something which closely resembles the sigil of the ultimate dynasty of the Azure Empire, but that the bird represented there is facing the wrong direction, and that it sits on top of a stripe running diagonally from bottom-left to top-right – something which didn’t exist in any form in the original regal heraldry. Unable to learn more, Agrippa suggests that the party make their way to the city of Argos, three days sailing from San Marina, to seek out other scholars who may be able to help identify the amulet.

So, the party make their way back down to San Marina, where they once again spend the night with Demitrios, who offers to speak to the captain of a trade galley who stops at the village every week.

The party catch the boat, only stopping on the way once to visit the local brewhouse of a small fishing village two days out of Argos, where Chamric asks about stories of dragons. It’s here that he learns that stories are told of an ancient race of dragons who once called the Azure Isles their home, long before the Azurites built their empire, and that the dragons were said to have lost a war to the fledgling Azurite empire and that there were no confirmed dragon sightings for hundreds of years.

After this, the group resumed their journey and finally arrived at Argos, where they immediately begin to attract the attention of the locals, who appear quite frightened when confronted. One local, however, calls out to the group as they approach, and addresses Belros Phalarax by his original name – one that Belros himself no longer recognizes.

After initially avoiding the stranger, the party are eventually forced to stop by his insistence as well as the fact that he appears to be an old friend of Agrippa. He reveals himself to be a scholar of both the arcane arts, as well as the history of the Azure Empire.

He also reveals that Belros was previously run out of the city after one of the inns in town caught fire during a bar fight and two patrons were killed.

Leading them back to his villa, he introduces himself as Leontios, and provides further information for the party regarding the origin of the Azure Amulet as well as offering to decode the message bearing the avian symbol. The message reading as follows:

“We have news that the amulet can be found in the dragon’s hoard.
We have sent GA to recover it.”

He also informs the party that the emblem itself, echoing Agrippa’s earlier statements, is somewhat similar to that of the Azurite royal family, but that a few key difference mark it instead as belonging to a rather secretive organization known as the Order of the Azure Crow, which are rumoured to be involved in theft and destruction of artefacts excavated from Azure sites.

The group decide to leave the amulet with him, after he offered to further investigate a latent magic power within it, as they go explore the ruins around which the city has grown.

Inside the ruins, the party speak to some scholars and investigate (what appears to be) a sarcophagus in the middle levels of the ruins, learning that the site is believed to been in use before or after the Azurites were using it, due to various inconsistencies in the architecture and markings on the sarcophagus when compared to other known Azurite sites.

As the party are looking around the site, Agrippa runs in yelling about the amulet, and that they should follow him quickly. He leads them back to Leontios’ villa, where they discover his study in complete disarray, and Leontios himself laying on the ground with blood seeping through his clothes. He informs the group that several unidentified individuals stole into his study and stabbed him from behind, before setting about tearing the place apart looking for the amulet.

Leontios soon falls out of consciousness as he begins to bleed out, despite the bandages that Chamric had applied. The party then successfully save the man’s life by cauterizing the open wound.


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