Azure Prophecy

Session 4

Into the ruins...

The party immediately set about looking for clues as to the location or identity of the thieves who stole the Amulet. A quick search around the study does not turn up any obvious items other than the Amulet which have been stolen, and the only immediate clue to be found is a trail of bloody footprints leading out of the study towards the exit of the villa.

Matrim, while searching outside, questions someone watching from another nearby villa, and is told that a group of 5 or so cloaked figures had left Leontios’ villa in a hurry not long before. He couldn’t provide any defining features for most of them, except for a young woman with short hair, who was wearing a leather jerkin. He also informs Matrim that the group made their way along the street heading inland, towards the Argos Ruins.

The party eventually make their way there in pursuit, and find a group of scholars all standing around a stone wall. When confronted, they mention that a group of people in cloaks had burst into the ruin and disappeared behind the wall, which seems to bear the image of a long-forgotten deity. After several attempts at finding a way to open the passageway, the party finally manage to open it and the cover-stone which the scholars had mistaken for an engraved wall crashes down to the ground, revealing the dark passage beyond.

Making their way inside, the party discover a hitherto unknown section of the ruins, and immediately set about exploring. After dealing with the occasional cave-in and fire-beetles. They at least come across some other humans. A woman, surrounded by four dark-robed men are found talking among themselves, until Belros’ clumsy nature causes him to fall down the stairs and alert them to their presence. The woman gives the party a knowing smirk, and then escapes down a stairwell at the far end of the chamber, leaving the four hooded men to fight.


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